Welcome to the LVDC Conference on Sustainable Electricity Access!



Standardization can help millions access electricity

Everything from solar photovoltaics (PV), lighting (LED), electric vehicles (EVs) smart phones and tablets, battery operated devices and even household devices can now run on direct current (d.c.). Today this new reality, together with the challenges inherent to the traditional model of electricity generation and distribution via alternating current (a.c.) is fundamentally changing how electricity will be delivered to households all around the world.

LVDC can bridge the distance between the PV panel on the roof and the devices that consume power in the home. This can happen without conversion losses and is especially promising in areas where grid connection will remain a hopeless and expensive promise far into the future. LVDC networks are quick to erect, energy efficient and cost effective, enabling speedy electrification of homes and villages.

LVDC touches everything that uses electricity and IEC International Standards will help ensure that LVDC infrastructure is safe and reliable. They will allow regulators and systems administrators to benchmark systems from different vendors. They will also provide assurance to funding bodies, investors and insurers.

More than 150 experts from across the world have spent countless hours contributing their expertise and research to capture the potential of LVDC for energy access and a more sustainable energy future.  The IEC provides the technical framework for bringing electricity to even the remotest villages of our shared planet and to make energy greener and more sustainable in developed countries. Affordable and clean electricity is the live-blood of economies everywhere.

With this conference, the IEC aims to bring together all stakeholders in an effort to accelerate the roll-out of LVDC to bring affordable and clean electricity to all.

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