Welcome to the LVDC Conference on Sustainable Electricity Access!


Presentations (click on the title to download the pdf):


“Energy for millions”

Keynote Speech:

“Accelerating Sustainable Electricity Access in Africa and the Role of LVDC and Standards”

Session 1:

“Overview of Electricity Access, Africa Program, and initiatives, Challenges, Legislation, and regulations”

“Lighting Africa, Kenya”

“Facilitating Electricity Access through Regulations”

“Survey of LVDC Activities, Markets and Standardisation”

Session 1 Summary “Defining electricity access”

Session 2:

“Financing Energy Access”

“Financing Energy Access in Kenya”

“Understanding economics of rural electrification projects based on intermittent energy sources”

“Business Development Africa – SunFunder”

Session 2 Summary “Financial aspects of electricity access, where is the money? Funding electricity access programmes”

Session 3:

“An Electricity Access Practitioner’s perspective; lessons from the ground in India”

“Grid-Tie Solar Photovoltaic System in Strathmore”

“DC Microgrids for Electricity Access – Indian experience and way forward”

Session 3 Summary “Project Implementation”

Session 4:

“Smart Micro Grid Rooftop Solar System with DC Appliances”

“Taking the Multi-Tier Framework further- a technology assessment layer”

“Opportunities of implementing LVDC microgrids for electricity access in Africa”

“Off-Grid: TVs, Fans and Fridges”

Session 4 Summary “Technological Solutions”

Conference Summary:

“Conference Summary”